About Us

40 years and counting!

Scott 'Scotty' Orren
Cut Right Seafood is a Family Owned and Operated local seafood vendor. Owned by the Orren family, Scott Orren and son 'Scotty' Orren. have a combined tally of 60 years of Seafood experience. Scott Senior started working in seafood distribution in 1975 at the age of 18. Twenty years later, his son Scott Jr. joined the his dad's work force at the age of 12 helping carry loads and packing ice. It was a mere 4 years later, in 1999, that 'Cut Right Seafood' was born and the legacy began. 

'Scotty' has fallen into the role of 'heir' to the business and his first venture was to open a fresh market store. Thus, in 2014 the Cut Right Seafood Market cut the ribbon and started selling products to the public. 

Friendly, fun loving, and honest, we are as real as it gets. Before you even come into the store you'll know that you are going to get top grade seafood at a fair price from people who value your business as much as you value the quality of seafood we can deliver.

Jake Baker

Lifelong family friend and confidant, Jake Baker and the Orren family have teamed up to make Cut Right Seafood Market a success from the start. Since Cut Right Seafood serves a dual purpose of delivering sustainable seafood commercially as well as selling it in store, Jake's is usually the friendly face that will greet you at the door. With 5+ years as an executive chef, Jake brings to the table a lifetime worth of fishing experience and a knowledge of local seafood that you cant teach. Feel free to pick his brain about a dish to cook up with your new seafood purchase. 

Flip or flop!

In 2014 the first Cut Right Seafood fresh market opened in Englewood, Florida. Jake was a major part of the renovations and decor that went into the new store. Every morning Jake was first on the job site ready to give direction and ensure that Cut Right Seafood was renovated both timely and correct. 'A Jack of all Trades' Jake was the perfect man for getting the job done. His universal knowledge of tools and his ability to manage a group of workers has compelled us to empower Jake with the responsibility of being in charge of the store when duty calls. Come in and meet the whole crew at our new location.

136 S. McCall Road
Englewood, Florida

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